Welcome to The Uprising.



A good crunchy crust. A full aroma. Delicious wheaty taste. 

This is WHAT gets us out of bed every morning. 

Breaking bread together has been the stuff of happiness since the very beginnings of humanity. 

But not all bread is created equal.  Really great bread should be an experience. And if you’re anything like us, you can’t resist the joy that comes from a just-fresh-from-the-oven loaf. That warm, comforting, at-home feeling you get with every bite. The soft inside texture. A full flavour.

Need we say more?


At The Uprising Craft Bakery, we believe in the traditional.  The best ways are always the old ways, right?

The Uprising believes in following the tried-and-tested practices of skilled bakers of generations gone by.  We’re for the artisans and the culinary craftmakers - and we hope you enjoy eating our loaves as much as we enjoy baking them.